Total Release Experience (TRE)

TRE works to release emotional, mental and physical stress from within in the body.

It allows the 'body to do the talking' by learning techniques to release deep-rooted 'freeze' emotions from the physical body through controlled 'tremors'. Tremors are said to be a natural  occurrence after experiencing immense stress or trauma however we have evolved into a more self-conscious society where we tend to 'hold in our emotions', resulting in our bodies carrying them around, mostly unnoticed however gradually creating symptoms of anxiety, depression, moodiness, anger and any number of extreme emotions.

A therapist will take steps to train you in a number of exercises which unlock and release energy which may be held within the muscles - the memory of events which have not been released and in turn may be creating emotional blocks (such as anxiety, stress, depression). 

Sessions run for 50 minutes (including discussion, preparation, up to 20 minutes of TRE, rest and check-in) and can be held 1-1 or in groups. 

For more information on TRE, please click the logo above to be directed to the TRE website.